Tecno T349 – Dual Sim – Bluetooth, Camera, Memory Card Space, Wireless FM Radio

5,500.00 4,800.00

Tecno T349 Feature Phone has a nice speaker that helps the phone to produce quality sounds. This phone is cheap and it function is more beyond than it amount. Stay connected with friends and family with Tecno T349 Feature Phone, you can chat on facebook, palmchat. Tecno T349 Feature Phone also has a FM radio for you to get the latest NEWS in town. Tecno T349 Feature Phone is the best choice for continuous connecting to the world.


Sim SlotsDual Sim
Battery Capacity1000mAh – 3000mAh
Sim TypeDual SIM
RAMBelow 128MB
Internal MemoryBelow 128 MB
Warranty Period1 Year
Screen size1.77 inches
ConnectivityBluetooth Only

The Tecno T349 is a small budget phone, with unbelievable Functions for a wonderful price, it has a dual sim port, fm radio, gprs for browsing, Bluetooth and palm-chat.Play your favorite tunes all day long
The T349 is a very affordable and basic phone on ground now.  Basic phone with 4MB RAM and 4MB ROM. it has long lasting battery capacity of 1500Mah. It is equipped with FM radio, palm chat and Facebook


Operating system: Java
Dual SIM
Wireless FM Radio
Long Lasting Battery
Network: GSM


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