SanDisk Advance Micro SD Card – 16GB



ADVANCE microSD memory cards offer an easy and affordable way to expand your mobile device’s onboard memory. Cards can give you additional storage space for your favorite apps, photos, and videos.

– Adds storage to microSD/microSDHC enabled devices.

– Records more video on the go – even in HD.

– Shock proof, x-ray proof, temperature proof, and waterproof.



Is the memory card tested for sufficient capacity?
Method 1: Use H2testw for testing. H2testwi download address:
Method 2: A simpler method, such as testing 8G, can store more than 7G of music or video. If all can be read normally, it means that it is a sufficient amount of cards. If it is a capacity expansion card, only the files stored in the previous paragraph can be read ( Specifically, it depends on how large it is.) The files in the latter paragraph are damaged and cannot be read.Tips: Due to the high price fluctuations of the chip, the quotation is for reference only.
TF card (small card), different from SD card (large card), TF card is about 1/4 of SD card, is currently circulating, small memory card – for mobile phones, driving recorders, car navigation, Card audio, dance mat, camera equipment, etc. The TF card has all the advantages of the traditional SD card, and can be converted into an SD card with the SD adapter card set, and is compatible with the device using the SD card, in line with the SD Association’s specifications.
Product grade standard:
C4=Class4=Write more than 4M per second; C6=Class6=Write more than 6M per second; C10=Cass10=Write more than 10M per second; U1=Write more than 10M per second; U3=Write more than 30M per second ;
The label of this product indicates the memory capacity that is carried, but not the actual storage capacity.
1MB in the storage capacity is calculated as 1,048,576 bytes. A part of the storage capacity is used as a management area, so the available storage capacity is as described above.
F card size: 15mm (U) x 11mm (W) x 1mm (T) heavy: about 0.41g
Interface type: TF memory card standard specification (8pin) working voltage: 2.7~3.3V working temperature: -25%~85° storage temperature: -20~ 65
Preservation humidity: 30~80% RH (no condensation)


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