Infinix Charger For Usb Mobile Phones


This universal Charger for infinix,charges your Infinix Hot Note and Note 2 at a very fast rate. A thirty-minute charge will get the mobile phone to 75% of battery. With 3x faster charging speed than conventional chargers, infinix charging is a feature supported by infinix devices that allows your device to charge 3× faster than normal… It enables your battery to acquire more juice in less charge time .Infinix USB charger that supports all android devices and fast charging your device twice faster than other travel charger.


Colour   White

High quality charger for Infinix and usb mobile phones with good design, perfect charging, high efficiency and low energy consumption. Easy to take away, ideal for travel and home use. Mini size and light in weight. Perfect charger with 5V power output ensures your device gets enough power and receives quick charging time. Regulated power supply ensures a safe, quick charge for smartphone, Rapid Charge eliminates downtime, With circuit protection, portable and convenient wall charger that can be used as a stationary or on the go charger. This cell phone power adapter allows you to always be connected wherever you are. Keep one for home and one in the office for maximum charge up time. Keep your device charged and ready with cellular phone charger.


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